Real estate Videography

Real Estate Videography

$150.00 - $400.00 +

Depending on other services booked

Highlights Video $150 to $250 depending on how many other services are ordered as a package.

Full Property Video starts at $400 and is custom estimate dependent on each property.

Drone Video Only is $ 200 to 350 depending on how many other services ordered as package

Real Estate Video is an important part of marketing and advertising especially within Facebook. Videos can give a great tour of the area either as a Highlights Video which is short and only of highlights… or of a Full Property Video which shows the entire property or as requested.

Real Estate Video’s come in HD viewing quality and music to help entice the client and feel comfortable while viewing the property. All videos are edited for best video quality with our own style. They can be downloaded or directly linked to use for your marketing and advertising.

Highlights Video limits 2 minute time and only shows key features of interest in the property. This is best used for marketing due to the attention span of the average person is about 1 minute or so. This comes with transitions, music, and the address shown. Extra editing is available upon request for a fee.

Full Property Video comes with everything Highlights Video does but is a full length video of the entire property, or most of the property depending on client’s request. These do not have a time limit but do have an increased fee depending on square footage, acreage, and extra buildings and features outside such as farms with barns, stables, tracks, etc… This is best used for out of state buyers to give a full feel of the property such as military, job transfers, and so on. Extra editing available upon request for a fee.

Drone Video Only is a video exact as Highlights Video but done with the drone in the air. We are FAA Certified and follow all of the rules set forth. This alone is best for Land For Sale, Farms, Commercial Properties, Tracks, and so on.

Highlights and Full Property Video only have Drone Video included if Drone services were ordered as well.